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Ok so we’re hosting a tumblr awards!! Four of us from lanadlerey and marinafans ((me, rachel, kevin, and elizabeth)) will decide the winners. Some people might be chosen for more than one category. Obviously the other members of lanadlerey and marinafans will be exempt from winning ((sorry we’re just trying to keep it as unbiased as possible))


- must be following both lanadlerey and marinafans ((we will check))

- u dont have to be a lana/marina blog to enter

- must reblog this post, likes wont count ((aside from bookmarking maybe ?? idk but u can reblog this as much as u want ))


- Best Lana related url 

- Best Lana edits 

- Best Lana gifs

- Best Lana group blog

- Best Marina related url

- Best Marina edits

- Best Marina gifs

- Best Marina group blog


- Follow back from all 4 of us

-We’ll reblog ur edits whenever u want((just be nice and dont make ur spam our followers))

- if you win any of the lana related categories you’ll get a follow from lanadlerey since it’s not a sideblog

we will choose the winners in exactly a month  ((so May 5th)) ok go go go!!

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